One Bedroom Apartment (Special)

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One Bedroom Apartment (Special)

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One Bedroom: The apartment features one bedroom, providing a private and separate space for sleeping.

One Living Room: There is a living room, which could serve as a common area for relaxation and socializing.

Two Bathrooms: The apartment is equipped with two bathrooms, offering convenience for both residents and guests.

Private Balcony: Like the studio apartment, this one-bedroom apartment also has a private balcony that allows residents to enjoy a picturesque sea view.

In-Built Kitchen: The apartment is equipped with an in-built kitchen containing a stove for cooking, a refrigerator for storing food, and a dining table for meals.

King Size Bed: The bedroom is furnished with a king-size bed, providing a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Wardrobe: A wardrobe is provided in the bedroom for storing clothes and personal belongings.

Safe: For security purposes, there is a safe where valuable items can be stored.

Smart TV: A smart TV is included in the apartment, offering entertainment options for residents.

Free Wi-Fi: The apartment provides free Wi-Fi, ensuring residents have internet access.

This one-bedroom apartment appears to be a more spacious and comprehensive living space compared to the studio apartment. The inclusion of two bathrooms is a notable feature, adding convenience for residents and their guests. The separate living room also provides more space for relaxation and social activities. The presence of a private balcony with a sea view enhances the overall experience, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors and the scenic surroundings. The inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen, king-size bed, and other amenities makes it a well-rounded living space.