Studio Apartment

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Studio Apartment

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The Studio Apartments with 42 m² living area.

Living Area: The apartment has a single, spacious, air-conditioned room that serves as the main living area.

Attached Bathroom: The room includes an attached bathroom equipped with a water heater for hot showers.

Private Balcony: There is a private balcony that allows you to enjoy a stunning sea view. It can be a great place to relax and take in the scenery.

In-Built Kitchen: The apartment features an in-built kitchen with essential amenities, including a stove for cooking, a refrigerator for storing food, and a dining table for meals.

Bedroom Area: Within the main room, there is a king-size bed, providing a comfortable sleeping area.

Wardrobe: A wardrobe is available for storing your clothes and belongings.

Safe: For security, there is a safe where you can store valuables.

Smart TV: A smart TV is provided for entertainment purposes, allowing you to watch your favorite shows or movies.

Free Wi-Fi: The apartment offers free Wi-Fi, ensuring you have internet access during your stay.

This type of room suite for individuals or couples looking for a comfortable and self-contained living space with the added benefit of a beautiful sea view from the private balcony. The inclusion of a kitchen and essential appliances makes it convenient for longer stays where you may want to prepare your own meals. The availability of free Wi-Fi and a smart TV also caters to entertainment and connectivity needs.